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We are an animal resource/rescue group in Fernley Nevada. We are a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization. We are not a shelter. We hope to provide resources to our community in situations where their pets may need temporary fostering, helping find a lost animal, help found animals get back to their owners.

Also to provide trapping of feral cats in areas where there is an over-population of cats.

We always welcome volunteers! Check out the Volunteer tab for more information!

Local Ordinances and Resources

The City of Fernley requires that all dogs over the age of six (6) months be licensed. Make sure our dog has its current license attached to it's collar which gives the best chance of having your dog returned in case it becomes lost.


We work closely with the Lyon County Animal Services in Silver Springs. If you find a dog or have lost one, please call them first. Their phone number is 


Thanks to Cooney's Law, animal abuse is now a felony in Nevada. Offenders may be sentenced to 1-5 years in prison and fined up to $10,000. Be sure to report any animal abuse to our animal control officer for further investigation. In addition, dumping animals anywhere is illegal and subject to a $1000 fine. Report any sightings to Animal Control at 775-577-5005

Low cost spay/neuters are available to out of county residents from the Nevada Humane Society for both cats and dogs.

They also provide low cost vaccinations and micro-chipping.

Call for the most recent fee schedule


Select clinic extension 311

Lyon County Animal Shelter, located in Silver Springs, provides low-cost vaccinations and micro chipping.

Call for scheduling and prices



The following are places that offer a variety of adoptable pets. Adopt, don't shop!!

Did you know you can raise money for Precious Paws every time you shop at Amazon with no additional cost to you? Access your account through and choose Precious Paws Society of Nevada as your designated charity. Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase to our organization. Thank you for your support!


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Kitten season is here and Precious Paws Society of NV urgently needs your help!

Yes, kitten season is a thing, and we are about to be overwhelmed with incoming mama cats and babies. Kitten season refers to a period of time when female cats are giving birth to litters. It typically lasts between the months of April and October; however, it can happen year-round.

How can you help? First and foremost - please, please, please spay and neuter your pets. Yes, it is that important. Did you know 80% of kittens are born outside? That's nearly 70 million kittens every year!

Precious Paws is seeking foster volunteers to help care for the influx of kittens this year. Do you have a little extra space in your home and heart for some short-term fuzzy roommates? A spare bedroom, bathroom, or even closet is all that's needed to set up a cozy space for kittens to grow and thrive. All supplies are provided and we will match you based on your experience. Fostering is a great opportunity to enjoy the company of furry friends without the obligation of pet ownership. Most importantly, fostering saves lives! Click here  for more information on what is involved with being a cat and kitten foster.

If you are unable to foster, you can support our foster program by donating much-needed supplies from our Amazon wish list







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