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Kitten and Cat Fosters Urgently Needed!

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of cats and kittens in your community? Do you have a spare room and a little extra time? Fostering may be perfect for you!

Opening your home to a foster pet saves lives, plus it frees up space for another pet to be rescued. Fostering a pet, whether for days, weeks or months may be short-term, but the results are long lasting - not only to the pet, but to you, too. Studies have shown that having a furry friend around can reduce anxiety and help relieve stress - not to mention brighten even the dreariest days.

Here are just a few ways fostering helps:

• A shelter can be a noisy, stressful place, especially for shy and frightened animals. Providing a loving, quiet, safe space goes a long way toward preparing an animal for adoption.

• Orphaned or newborn animals, as well as those with special medical needs or behavioral challenges, benefit greatly from the one-on-one attention they receive in foster care.

• Fostering helps pets get accustomed to life in a home, smooths their way toward adoption and helps set them up for success in their forever homes.

• If you’re thinking about adopting a cat or kitten, fostering is a great way to find out if an animal is a good fit for you and your family. And foster parents get first dibs on the animal they’re fostering.

• Fosters are provided with everything they need - food, litter, kitten formula, and other supplies, as well as ongoing support and training.

Please get in touch with Precious Paws today and help us save more lives!

Call 775-575-0950 or message us through Facebook

Kitten cuddlers currently needed to provide our foster kittens with attention and socialization. If you have a spare hour or two during the week and would like to spend it with adorable kittens, call Barbara at 775-575-0950 to set up a time that works for you.

Not quite ready to foster but looking for other ways to volunteer? Our annual rummage sale ​fundraiser happens every September. Check back in August when we can use all hands on deck to sort and price donations, as well as help on sale days. The annual rummage sale is our biggest fundraiser of the year! 

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